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7" Round Jeep® Conversion Headlamps

Roundeyes™ introduces a night vision upgrade for the Jeep® owner. Conversion headlamps are designed to replace your OEM issued sealed beam headlights providing you with a much safer night time driving experience.

If you have a hard time seeing clearly at night with your stock dim yellow headlights, this upgrade is what you need. Roundeyes™ conversion headlamps will provide you with a whiter and brighter light output allowing you better vision in the fog, rain, snow, and night time driving conditions.

- 60% brighter than conventional sealed beam headlamps
- H4 60/55 watt bulbs are replaceable
- Die-cast aluminum housing with a complex multi surface reflector that produces a wider beam pattern
- Unbreakable clear polycarbonate lens
- Gortex® breather allows heat to escape while keeping moisture out of the lamp assembly
- Lamp assembly can handle off-road bulbs up to 130 watts
- Easy drop fit installation with no additional wiring needed

Simply unscrew the headlamp bezel, remove and unplug your old sealed beam headlamp and replace them with these. It's that easy!

This street legal DOT approved/SAE certified set includes two complete headlamp assemblies with bulbs already installed, ready to plug into your vehicle.
The best safety upgrade for you and your family!

We can not remove or exchange the DOT approved bulbs for this kit. Higher wattage bulbs are sold separately and are for off-road use only. To be installed by the customer. See "Auxiliary Bulbs" in the main menu.

Does not fit Jeep Liberty.




Price: $109.00 / pair

Approx Weight: 5.00 lb. / pair
Dimensions (LxWxH): 12.00 x 8.00 x 8.00 in.
Maximum order Qty: 10

Money Back Guaranteed for 30 days!

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Roundeyes LED Rock Light Kit
Introducing the world's brightest 1.5 watt LED in a compact...

Sale Price: $139.95 / Kit
You Save:$36.00 / Kit
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Jeep Interior LED Lighting Kit
Brighten Up Your Jeep Interior

· Approximately 4 times brighter than standard Jeep lights.
· Wider illumination pattern to light up spaces usually left dark.

· LED lights last twice as long as the best florescent bulbs and twenty times as long as the best incandescent bulbs.
· Life span of over 10,000 hours.

· Consumes 90% less power than ordinary incandescent bulbs.
· Stays cool even over long periods of use.

· As easy as changing the standard bulb.

Jeep Interior LED light is great for replacement of standard Jeep dome lights, door lights, running board lights, visor lights and even cargo area lights.

Kits come in white, blue, or yellow light with a 12 LED panel already wired, mounting tabs, and 5 different adaptor fuses with resisters - one style to fit every application.
Panel size = 1.34" x .79" x .26"

Light up your Jeep today!

Free Shipping - Buy Yours Now! - Offer Ends Soon

Sale Price: $29.00 / Each
You Save:$6.00 / Each
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Jeep Interior LED Lighting Kit
Brighten Up Your Jeep Interior SUPER BRIGHT LIGHTING · A...

Sale Price: $29.00 / Each
You Save:$6.00 / Each
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